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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Regular visitors here will have noticed that I've started posting slightly less than daily. This is not due to any waning of interest on my part, but rather to a number of things going on in my life - good things, but time consuming. Such as renovating a beautiful but neglected old cottage I'll be moving into. I've decided that it is better to post slightly less frequently, but with enthusiasm, than to force myself to update every day, under some type of self compunction! Nevertheless, as I really enjoy web surfing and blogging, as soon as my life settles back into a more regular pattern, I will most probably pick up the pace again. Meanwhile, thanks to all of you for checking in enough to let me know people DO enjoy my finds.

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies - one of the most influential modern composers, 'Max' is no stodgy academic. He has written some uniquely beautiful and haunting works, such as '8 Songs for a Mad King' , and this website is truly an exemplary one, in which a great creative artist uses the internet to connect with his public in many different ways.

If you're a musician, or just enjoy music, you might like this collection of instrument jokes. Some are truly awful, but you're guaranteed a few chuckles..

Oklahoma is the home of the Ugly Bug contest. School children around the state submit photos of the ugliest insect they can find, and learn a lot in the process. Really cool, and the bug photos are great!

Virtual Missile Silo Tour - one of the classic 'underground internet sites' these explorers snuck into an abandoned missile silo and gathered the raw material for this site. And as their detailed warning states, they got busted doing it, and urge you NOT to imitate them - just enjoy their expedition online!

The Political Graveyard is a unique, quirky and exhaustive site! Is it about cemeteries, history, politics? All three? You decide..

And while you're deciding, pour yourself a glass of bourbon, and read the history of this American contribution to the inebriates of the world..

Howard Weingarden, Visionary Artist - can I have a toke, Howard? (only joking, good stuff!)

Kawase Hasui - great 20th century Japanese printmaker.

Finally, though I don't often link to commercial sites, I found this business, Historical Entertainment, to be fascinating. They provide the props, costumes and historians to assure authenticity in movies..

Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on.
Samuel Butler

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