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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Awhile back, I did a post on Hell. One of the most fascinating sites I found was this one , where the view that Hell is indeed at the center of the earth was buttressed by claims that the thermal vents found in the ocean depths are leakages from Satan's dominion, and the 8 feet long worms that surround them are, in fact, lost souls whose 'worm dieth not'.

Now I don't feel I'm compromising my theological convictions when I say I am not utterly swayed by this line of thought. However, it did give me a desire to learn more about these creatures, who are among the most alien to share the planet with us.

Let's start with a great photo gallery of sea worms of all kinds..

Giant Tube Worms discussed, and more info here..

The ones found on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico have incredible lifespans, and also can be called recently been found. It lives exclusively on dead whale bones, and has a one of a kind sex life. More here..


Maarten sent me a few links about the Jarawa tribe, a tiny group of people living in the Andaman Islands. The story of their contact with the 'outside world' and their struggle to survive is a fascinating one.


The Matrix - pizza paranoia from the ACLU. And unfortunately, they're on target with this one..

Happy Fun Song - weird animation, Japanese New Wave..

Rent-A-Peasant - self-explanatory..

Paris Hilton 'Beat Up' Pics... well, this can't hurt in the old Google search query game now, can it?

Credit where it's due: found these last four at The Presurfer , a super links blog also.

"Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever."
Napoleon Bonaparte

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