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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Buttons of the Cause - activist buttons from the last 50 years..

Astronomy Photo of the Day - really cool pictures here..

Suck.Com - comics, humor..

McSweeney's Internet Tendency - wry, humerous commentary, well layed out site.

Nolo - legal information for the people! All kinds of stuff your lawyer doesn't want you to learn - not for free, anyway...

Propaganda Remix - definitely to the left of center, but thought provoking, as they're meant to be..

Tikkun - yes, there ARE Israelis and Palestininians who are still trying to work together for peace. And they can be found here..

And last, but by no means least, Narrow Larry. I got an email from Larry today, discussing H.P. Lovecraft, whom I had turned him on to in a discussion of Providence architecture. Larry has an outstanding site, which he administers like a pro, yet with the heart of a blogger! He enjoys hearing from visitors, and is open to suggestions and leads..

The philosophers themselves, in the very books where they tell us to despise fame, inscribe their names.

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