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Monday, August 16, 2004
Land of the Midnight Sun

Just a few links related to Norway, another place I hope to visit someday..

Nice Photo Gallery

And Another One, from WAY up North

Webcams from the same location..

And a webcam at a beautifully located hospital nearby; no, I don't read Norwegian, but I must say, I enjoyed my visit to this well done site. Check out the art by children at the hospital..

Norway, home of the Vikings, has a rich tradition of rugged adventurers and explorers, such as Roald Amundsen and Thor Heyerdahl..

Many outstanding creative artists also were Norwegian, including the composer Edward Grieg, the painter Edvard Munch, and one of the greatest of modern dramatists, Henrik Ibsen, who was said to have put Norway on the intellectual map..

A man should never put on his best trousers when he goes out to battle for freedom and truth.
Henrik Ibsen

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