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Saturday, July 10, 2004

A link I posted a few days back, on Dutch explorers of Australia, led me to an event which I had known next to nothing about. The shipwreck of the Dutch ship 'Batavia' along the western coast of Australia in 1629 was merely the beginning of a saga so filled with adventure, evil, pathos and heroism that it almost without parallel. Jeronimus Cornelisz (Cornelius) emerges from this story as one of the towering figures of psychotic, charismatic malevolence of all time!

Good overview here..
..and a bit more here..

The Australians have recently become aware of the dramatic potential in this part of their 'pre-history'. Arabella Edge has penned a brillian novel, 'The Company'.. , and Richard Mills and Peter Goldsworthy teamed up to create an impressive opera, 'Batavia'.

Meanwhile, the Dutch have recreated the ship itself, which was the crown of their fleet in 1629..

Speaking of mad Dutchmen, Maarten has been eager for me to link something about this weeks 'San Fermin' festival, best know to us for the 'running of the bulls in Pamplona.' Seems being gored in the scrotum only counts as a minor injury, among these hearty folk..

This week, Maarten's Yahoo Recipe Group (if you like cooking or eating, check it out!) touched on the subject of edible seaweed..

And, on the same subject, if you're lost in the jungle, don't know your poisonous plants, but are about to starve, scroll down this page for instructions on determining whether a plant will kill ya or save ya! Hmmm, on second thought, maybe you'd better print it out and put it in your backpack!

Finally, in yet another shameless bid to boost my ratings, here's a link to a fine Pbase gallery of a beautiful French Model, "R" rated..

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