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Thursday, July 15, 2004
Well, first thing I noticed is new Blogger posting interface. Basically, it seems they're making this as close to MS Word as possible. If the whole shebang wasn't owned by Google, I'd think it was part of Bill Gate's evolution into the Antichrist.  And of course, being lazy, I'll love it within a week, and forget how I used to do this.. repeat after me, "We Love Big Brother"  ... and while you're at it, thank him for the color, I'd never bother on my own.. 
Porcelain Artists


Amy  , from Hong Kong..
Bev Crane , very nice site..
M.I.T. has a nice Inventor of the Week Site ; my favorite is Ruth Wakefield. (Before you click, what did she invent? A clue - indispensable to quality of life..)
Florida Holocaust Museum - very well done..
The Rise and Fall of Human Violence (..don't be relieved, it's rising again!)
Why is bus photography so big in the UK?
M. Vidocq - criminal turned master detective in 19th century Paris..

He that lives upon hope will die fasting.
Benjamin Franklin

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