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Tuesday, July 27, 2004
As I occasionally like to do, I'm devoting tonight's post to links to some nice photo galleries on a variety of subjects..

Enjoy the beauty of Australian landscapes, or check out an island in northern Sweden...

If you ride the Space Shuttle , watch out for the Green Flashes!

Or if you prfer to stay earthbound, ride an unusual train..

Irish Moss - a look at the variety seen on the Canadian Atlantiic Coast..

Mushrooms, and Apples

A beautiful selection of Scottish Agates...anyone old enough to remember when 'agates' and 'marbles' were synonyms?

And finally, a great PBase gallery of wildlife Gary Hughes captured on what must have been a superb camping trip. I am particularly amazed by the moose shots. I have gone camping many times in the North Maine Woods, and seen many of these beasts. I've always creeped as close as I dared to snap a photo ( aware that these mostly docile creatures, during 'rutting' season - which I never knew the dates of - could suddenly charge and antler one to death) and be smugly sure I had a great one. Until the photo was developed and the moose was a little dot that could have been anything. Yeah, sure, Gary probably has expensive zoom lens and all, but  the great assortment he showcases here tells me he put a lot of time and stealth into getting these..

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