Extreme Web Surfs!
Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Our first link is humorously titled 'Instrument of Music or Instrument of Torure?" My parents would have given a hearty 'amen' to that, as I used to chirp away on these continuously. Instead of practicing the trombone, like I was supposed to be doing. But in my defense, listening to that could be pretty torturous as well. And it was louder..

This very nice page is from an Iowa school. Nice after you scroll past the rather scary lady playing a seriously large recorder.. Now that I've said that, of course, she'll reverse link and visit me here, and I'll have to apologize. One link out of every 300 brings them here, and it's usually one I made a snide remark about. So, might as well do it up front: "I meant the recorder,of course,madam, not you! YOU make me jealous of Brent for his proximity!"

Er, moving right along.. Benoit Sauve offers some mp3 downloads of him playing an interesting variety of genres. For the linguistically challenged, click on 'extraits musicaux'..

Puzzlemaker.Com allows you to create various types of puzzles, using your own words, online. (crosswords, word search, etc.) A must for teachers or anyone who wants to keep some kids busy for a few minutes..

I know there's other lighthouse fans out there. Lighthouse Getaway is a great portal to pictures of lighthouses around the world..

Finally, Christopher, of 'Insert Witty Title Here' made a great suggestion in the comments box last night. He suggested I do a post on unusual webcams. I liked the idea right away, and plan to do one within a week. But I don't want to do a perfunctory one, a result of a quick search. I want to get some truly interesting ones. So I could use suggestions - if you have some, click my email address in the comments and send 'em to me, I'll include them! And no, no dodgy sorority girls live XXX webcams. Unless they're free...

Here's a quick one as a sample - Koh Samui - a beach in Thailand..

And though it only barely qualifies as a 'webcam' , I like the zoom panorama options of this camera in Providence Rhode Island. That's what it looks like, folks, take it from me. If you're timing's right, you might even spot me on it someday..(now THAT'D be a treat, the heck with the busty sorority girls!)

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."
- Napoleon Bonaparte

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