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Monday, July 19, 2004
Ludwig Wittgenstein

Well, as traffic has been a bit slow the last two days, and we're all now in the midst of beginning a sultry summer week, I decided to post a few links on a subject that has been requested. The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. Particularly, his views on the relationship of language to reality had a profound influence in the last century.
The views of his early period culminated in the Tractatus Logico-Philsophicus , found here in a bilingual online edition.
The North American Wittgenstein Society discusses many aspects of his life and works..
Saul Kripke, who wrote a 'classic book' on Wittgenstein, here takes a beating from a philosophy professor who finds his whole analysis deeply flawed...

OK, maybe not much of a post. But perhaps you'll be like this guy, and your reading of Wittgenstein will produce a deep Zen-like revelation in your conciousness! Or perhaps you'll be like me, and get bored and go seeking out pictures of large breasts..
Philosophy can be said to consist of three activities: to see the commonsense answer, to get yourself so deeply into the problem that the commonsense answer is unbearable, and to get from that situation back to the commonsense answer. (BB 108-9)
Ludwig Wittgenstein

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