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Monday, July 12, 2004

Remember what the Dormouse said: 'Feed your head'...

Ralph Abraham - a mathematician (chaos theory) , tabla player, and proflific designer of websites, this guy can direct you to new avenues of thought..

Todd Green, who studied with him, maintains a fabulous collection of musical instruments..

William Irwin Thompson - guru of radical sociohistorians... I had a high school teacher who worshipped him. He was a brilliant guy, who retired to the country to be a beekeeper shortly thereafter..

Body City - New Perspectives coming out of India..

Ulf Wakenius - a 'guitarist's guitarist' . Free mp3's on the site..

Groo the Wanderer

David Stuntzner's Art

Read about your favorite dictators, or punch a celebrity!

"Nothing has a better effect upon children than praise."
- Sir Phillip Sydney

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