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Friday, June 25, 2004

My request for further links on Oregon, was surpisingly answered. Doug referred me in the comments to Jan, an Oregonian. I visited her blog, and she showed up and included some nice links, and 'waxed lyrical' a bit about her beloved home state. Read it in the 'comments' for yesterday! meanwhile, just adding her blog to my blogroll made the day worthwhile. I am always pleased to find blogs by 'thinking Christians', folks who combine their faith with questing and reflective journeys into art, literature, and culture - contemporary or otherwise.

I also went back and delved further into the Noll's Site, and was very glad I did. Most people, if they created a site devoted to their lives, experiences and hobbies, would come off as a bit egotistical (bloggers, of course, being excepted..lol). Not this couple; they have HAD interesting lives, and I am grateful they chose to share much of it online. Paul spent some time in a depression era orphanage, joined the army after high school, was in the Korean War, later got a pilots license and flew around the Wild West with his wife. Bernice shares many wonderful skills and recipes . They lived through a lot of history together, and write about it in a direct, humble way. An exemplary personal website.


These primates, found only in Madagascar, impressed me the most during my trip to the zoo the other day.

See them AND hear them here..

A somewhat scholarly site here, which includes great old plates and drawings of lemurs..

Lemurs in General

Lemurs 'R Us (or something like that..)


Augustus St. Gaudens - I came to admire this sculptor when I was a youthful numismatist; he designed a $20.00 gold piece which is often considered the most beautiful of US coins..

Slavery Images on Confederate Money nice online exploration from LSU..

Too much vigour in the beginning of an undertaking often intercepts and prevents the steadiness and perseverance always necessary in the conduct of a complicated scheme.
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