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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

OK, as promised, something a bit more substantial than dancing badgers tonight! Although dancing might definitely be in order..

Latin music - what a gigantic topic. So let it be said that the following links just scratch the surface. However, should you engage it a bit of 'link crawling' you can probably get just about anywhere, using these as a starting point.

Being on the East Coast, I tend to hear more music of the Puerto Rican / Dominican variety. Perhaps Mexico and South America will get a whole other post some day..

The Guide to Latin Music is a great introduction to the whole field..

A good glossary of terms here..

Latin Beat Magazine

Just Salsa is truly a megasite. Many great photo galleries , and some sound clips..

Along with the Salsa goes Mambo dancing..

One of the true pioneers was Tito Puente.. Did you know he composed Santana's hit, 'Oye como Va'..?

Even more than salsa, I personally enjoy merengue and bachata, the delightful music of the Dominican Republic..

Jazz and Latin music have had a rich relationship. Latin Jazz is a great source for contemporary happenings..

Arguably, Arturo Sandoval, a Cuban emigre, is the finest example of a contemporary jazz musician who seemlessly navigates both musical worlds with ease..great musical sample at the intro page of this site..

The truest expression of a people is in its dance and music.
Agnes de Mile

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