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Saturday, June 26, 2004

I did a search on 'Vatican Secrets" , expecting to find a few interesting tidbits about the archives and such. Instead, I found a whole slew of outre sites from the wildest fringes of Christianity. Why do I post them when I find them? To laugh at them - no, though some might. To get angry and disgusted? No, not that either. Faith is important to me, and I seek to understand the viewpoint of these extremists. Ecumenism is probably not possible, and perhaps not even desirable. But surely we can do better than this!

St. Pius X Society - Marcel Lefebvre's proteges..

Virgin Mary's Endtimes Site

Life Enterprises

Priests of Darkness and Satanism in the Vatican - will be deeply offensive to Catholics..

..and am not really sure WHAT this guy's point is. But I know it's weird..

Peace begins with a smile.
Mother Theresa

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