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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Piaget formed highly influential theories as to stages of knowledge acquisition..

But I have found Erikson to be much warmer and human. He developed a schemata of 8 stages of life, which seems on target in many ways..

Another look at Erikson, and also, the Erikson Institute


Beautiful PBase album of Pompeii

Infrared Photography by Andy Finney

The Zine Site - all kinds of info and links on these 'little magazines' , including some classics you can download completely. Where the underground was BEFORE the Net - and now a presence on it as well..

The '60's British Pop Culture Site

If you were an intellectual teen rocker like me, in the '70's, you read Creem Magazine(if you weren't an intellectual, you read Circus. Of course, we read it too..) Well, you might remember Lester Bangs - his exchanges with Lou Reed were historic. He raved about this band, The Dictators, as 'The Next Big Thing'... well, they never really were, but I'm happy to see they have a nice site. I recently downloaded 'Two Tub Men' from a newsgroup, along with their classic Beach Boys parody, 'Cars and Girls'..

Lou Reed is my own hero principally because he stands for all the most fucked-up things that I could ever possibly conceive of.
Which probably only shows the limits of my imagination.

Lester Bangs

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