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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Collecting and otherwise celebrating old bottles is a pastime well represented online. It's sort of painful to view these, brings back the following memory from my childhood. My moronic country cousins and I, around age 10, were traipsing through the woods with our BB guns. Deep in a thicket behind a long abandoned old Yankee farmhouse, we found a stash of hundreds of old bottles, looked like many on these sites...well, within an hour, with the mindless destructiveness of children, we had shot, smashed and otherwise transformed into tiny fragments what today would probably equal a year's wages for me..

English Bottles From Victorian Era

Patent Medicine Bottles

Torpedo Bottles

Poison Bottles

Coke Bottles from all over - this site is in Japanese, but if you're at all interested in the subject, it's worth clicking the links on the front page to see a huge assortment, arranged by country, well photographed..

Fruit Jars close enough to bottles, I guess. But at the bottle club meetings, these folks probably have to sit on the floor..

Milk Bottle Museum

Baby Bottle Museum - this site is way more interesting than the name might indicate. Great articles, including a fascinating one about the bad 'killer' baby bottles..

Ships in Bottles

..and many other things in bottles at this Folk Art Site. 'Crucifixion in a Bottle', anyone?

Chinese Snuff Bottles - this is a highbrow British commercial site, but I included it because of the great photos of these beautiful objects..

And, for those of you who don't give a bunny's butt about bottles in any shape or form, here's two entirely off-topic links.

Klingon Language Site - yep, THOSE Klingons..

And find the leading causes of accidental death, by year, here..

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