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Thursday, June 10, 2004

The British Museum has a great online database, called COMPASS..

The Hecht Museum, at the University of Haifa, features nice archaeological finds..

The Yard Art Project

The Bogside Artists - painters of those stirring murals in Derry during the 'Troubles'

The SmartAss Guide to Art

Brain Juice - superb collection of biographies, most submitted by brainy college kids, of important folks in art, music and literature..good site to bookmark!

Barb's Animation Gallery - excellent gif animations, at PBase. read instructions, check her other galleries out too!

Animations - fun Flash stuff!

And REALLY excellent Flash Movies!

OK, the Cyborg Fish too..

,,and lest I forget, Aardvarks..

I broke something today, and I realized I should break something once a week...
to remind me how fragile life is.

Andy Warhol

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