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Monday, May 03, 2004

This beautiful Shinto shrine in Tokyo is, in fact, one of the most controversial religious monuments in the world. It was the focal point of the cult of nationalism and militarism which reached its peak during WWII. In fact, I first heard of it in a book about kamikaze pilots, who often made prayed here before their final voyages..

In 1978, the remains of 1048 'war criminals' were secretly reinterred here, where they will be indeed worshipped in perpetuity. However, before jumping to conclusions, there is evidence that the 'crime' of some of them was being on the losing side.. And Tojo hanged, as Stalin sipped vodka and tonics with Roosevelt and Churchill..

Here is the shrines home page, English version..

More information..

BBC article

A Trip to the Shrine


Maarten has begun to put together his own website. See this menu and enjoy the clever transitions to the recipes!
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I found a nice PBase gallery of photos from an exchange student at the RI School of Design. These pictures are all of Providence, and many are of streets I walk daily to get to work. He has done a great job capturing the flavor of the city which, like HP Lovecraft, I call home..(er, even though I don't live there. It's my spiritual home. Or something..)

Weird Science - Cold Fusion!

Celtic Computer Art - really nice site, which includes lots of free clip art. One of those very personal sites, which bring out the best in the internet's possibilities..

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