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Sunday, May 02, 2004

History of American Broadcasting - great set of links to single themed pages, includes radio as well..

Early Television Museum - focus is on the sets themselves..

Television Museum - a broader focus, including an oral history page ("My first encounter with television..etc..")

TV History - nice site..

Classic TV Database - all the classic shows are here!

The Comedy Zone has a year by year tv sitcom guide on this page..

The TV Single Dads Hall of Fame - amazing what a recurrent theme this is!

Watched It! A celebration of kid's tv of the past. For what it's worth, I'm from the Captain Kangaroo generation - you know, sandwiched between Howdy Doody and Sesame Street. Most of us did a lot of drugs trying to shake those images of Mr. Green Jeans..

On cable TV they have a weather channel - 24 hours of weather. We had something like that where I grew up. We called it a window.

Dan Spencer

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