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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

'Ghenghis Khan' ; 'The Golden Horde' - the names still resonate in our collective imagination. Symbols of fierce, brutal, barbarian conquerors. But is this accurate? Yes, the Mongols were warlike; yes, they could be brutal. But they also exhibited military and political genius of the highest order.. They have had an impact on world history - from China through the Middle East and into Europe - that has perhaps been unequalled by any other people. Let's look at them from a variety of perspectives, then take a brief look at Mongolia today..

Mongols.com - a good starting point..history AND present day stuff..

The Realm of the Mongols - exciting site which views the Mongols in an extremely positive, indeed spiritual light..

Mongols in World History from Columbia University..

More History, this site has great charts and timelines..

Mongols in China

And one more history site, very well done by Carol Keller

Three nice museum exhibits of art and artifacts:

Reclaiming Ghenghis Khan - U Penn exhibit

From Edmonton Alberta


Have they found Ghenghis Khan's burial site?

Women in Mongol Society (surprisingly, pretty advanced until they began to be influenced by the Chinese and Islamic societies they 'conquered')

Early Christian Europe and the Mongols ( er, no, they ain't Prester John, guys..)

Moving on to more recent times, this article deals with alleged Chinese genocide in Inner Mongolia..

Mongolia Today - intersting online magazine

Mongolia Photo Galleries

Lonely Planet on Mongolia

For those like me who considered Mongolia a very backward place, this Flash Site was a bit of an eye-opener! Someone in Ulan Bator can design websites..takes a minute to load, but well worth it..

Yet Mongolia is not without serious social problems, as this page on the Underground Children of Ulan Bator illustrates..

Revenge is profitable, gratitude is expensive.

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