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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

My friend Maarten, who spent much time in Indonesia, sent me an interesting email describing 'Indo' (mixed race; Dutch-Indonesian) culture, and particularly a style of music called krancong which was developed by them. He has been so kind as to allow me to link to a krancong zip file (not large, contains midis) on his site. Check it out, it is a unique sound!

That inspired me to look at the music, the culture, history and some related issues in greater depth.

A look at a few types of Indo Music.. and more info here..

Indo Records - an interesting company devoted to it..

A Dutch site (also in English) devoted to Indos

Another site, includes Malays as well..

November 1828 is an Indonesian film which explores the relations between and within the cultures..

Gene Express is a blog devoted to the 'verboten' topic of genetic variations among races. Dutch and post-colonial immigrants discussed here..

Aletta Jacobs was a early 20th century traveler and feminist. Her letters discussed here..

Dutch Colonial Education of Indonesian and Indo girls (pdf file)

Colonial City - great analysis of Indonesian cities in colonial era from a Leyden professor..

The Dutch have some great recipes to show for their colonial adventures..

Eurasian is the new chic!

More here..

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