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Sunday, May 09, 2004

OK, let's say that, inspired by my early morning Mother's Day post, you just went and spent a day in the radiant company of your family! Let's say you revived the arguments you started in the '60's, and now continue on the yearly installment plan. Let's say Uncle Ralph got drunk and was leering at your wife again. And then humilated you in an arm wrestling match. And he's 75. Let's say that Mom herself confirmed the fact that, after the lost Powerball ticket incident of 1996, YOU were the major disappointment of her life!

Or, let's say you're me, and spent the day napping, drinking coffee, watching sports on the tube and surfing the net. And have had your strong sense of conservatism shattered by seeing an entirely new Blogger interface unexpectedly thrown at you. Either way, you could use a laugh about now..

Marshmellow Bunny Survival Tests

Outrageous New Zealand Dogfood Ads!

Another Stupid Button Thing (but it was way cool in 1994, and I DO want us all to appreciate Internet history..)

Aerican Empire - one of the better micronation sites..

Care to calculate the effects of an interterrestial object landing nearby?

Does your cow have Mad Cow disease?

Garden Gnome Abuse

Disturbing Auctions

And one rather clever one - Soda Play . Can't describe, just go there. But come back, ya hear?

The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little.
Thomas Merton

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