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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

In case yesterday's post seemed a bit one-sided as to 20th century Japanese history, here are two links from the Korean perspective.

Anti-Japanese Resistance in Korea

Korean Quislings

And speaking of Providence, this man, Raymond L.S. Patriarca was the most powerful man in it, when I was growing up. He is a part of history now, things have changed greatly. But back then, Providence was a MOB TOWN. He was a 'Godfather' in the classic mode. And I must confess, living a the smallest state of the union, in an era when all the industry had moved south and we didn't have much besides quahogs and Lovecraft's grave to brag about, we did feel a perverse sense of pride that the entire New England mob was run from Federal Hill. Gangsters from Boston, a city 10 times larger than Providence, would have to make weekly trips down I-95 , hat in hand, and pay fealty to Raymond just to keep breathing. In fact, unlike almost every other mafioso, he didn't even have a catchy nickname. He was not prone to laughs at his own expense, and no one thought it wise to invent one..

Now Federal Hill's Italian atmosphere is enriched by Mediterraneo , one of the finest restaurants in America. It is a favorite stop for Danny DeVito, among others, when he's in town..

Weird Crap is a great site, particularly their comics page!

Museum of Gardening

Historical Development of Japanese Gardens

The First Garden - Has Eden Been Located?

"We're not children here.The law is-how should I put it?A convenience.Or a convenience for some people,and an inconvenience for other people.Like, take the law that says you can't go into someone else's house...I have a house,so, hey, I like that law.The guy without a house-what's he think of it?Stay out in the rain,schnook.That's what the law means to him..."
Paul Castellano

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