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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Bagpipes, and similar wind instruments, may be found throughout Europe. In some areas, their use in traditional music has dwindled away, whereas in others - such as Ireland, Brittany and Scotland - there remains a strong and vibrant piping community.

Two great sites on bagpipes throughout the world are: Hot Pipes and Roots World.

The Scottish Bagpipes are the type most familiar to many of us.. here is some history

Three bagpipes dealers, with much good info, photos and many links are: Gibson, R.G. Hardie, and Culinn

How to care for your pipes!

Cops in Kilts - an outstanding website by the Chicago Police Department's Emerald Society bagpiperes and drummers..

A brief stop in Northumbria - the smallest and least known UK pipe..

The Uileann Pipes - Ireland's Glory! If you've ever listened to the Chieftains, you'll have heard these..

Differences between Scottish and Uileann pipes..

More Uileanns

And now, let's hop around Europe..



Germany & Austria




And, an opposing view on the pipes here

I got to try the bagpipes. It was like trying to blow an octopus.
Sir Thomas Beecham

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