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Monday, May 10, 2004

It's a good thing I go back and check the comments from previous posts! Otherwise, I would have missed a few great links suggested by Ken to add to the piping links. Specifically, Ken suggested Bagpipe Web , run by Bob Dunsire. How I missed this one, I don't know, but it is obviously THE piping place on the web, and the links from there will take you almost anywhere. In fact, I found a link to Galician Bagpipes there, to make Maarten happy..

Ken also suggested we visit this site , and while you're in the neighborhood, I recommend a visit to Ken's Web Site. He's a piper himself, and also a guitarist, and has a really great piece of autobiographical writing there as well. Thanks, Ken!

To those who visit here, if you also can recommend a link - or many - that I overlooked on a particular subject, please do so in the comments section! You do not have to have a 'home page' or even give your email, if you prefer not to. Those who just drop by here once may do so out of curiosity or boredom, but I'm sure those who come more often have the same kind of restless, curious - even 'omniverous' - minds as I do, so don't hide your finds away, share them!


I'll start off this post by saying 95% of the links I found on this subject are strictly stern warnings about the extreme dangerousness of exploring - or even passing over - these relics of a pre-regulated era. A good place to start is here, to see what I'm talking about.. So, unless you are a speleologist with very expensive equipment, and professional level training - and the proper permissions - I don't advise you to try this stuff. Be an armchair explorer, like me! At least we won't end up like this..

The Bureau of Land Management has begun a huge project of reclamation for abandoned mine lands.

In Idaho, abandoned mines provide a habitat for many bats..

This organization explores Pennsylvania mines

Brian just likes to explore everything!

This guy is a bit more venal - he wants the artifacts!

Finally, though only partly 'on topic' , SubBritannica is a great site devoted to underground exploration in the UK..

We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started... and know the place for the first time.

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