Extreme Web Surfs!
Wednesday, April 28, 2004

..no stolen picture tonight, sorry..

Museum of Computer Art - I've probably posted this one before, but it's worth a reminder! One of the classic sites, belongs in your bookmarks!

Now on to Cat Bowling..

..the Viking Kittens do 'Gay Bar'..

And Cow Hurling..

Checklist for wannabe Evil Overlords

Thomas Lovell Beddoes 'The First Goth'

Post Modern Physics?

The Tolkien Sarcasm Page

Alternative Photographic Processes (real info, for serious photographers..)

Houston Chronicle Comix Section - great selection, and online daily. Don't miss your favorites because your local rag's comic section sucks!

Finally, Extreme Ironing!

What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind.
George Berkeley

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