Extreme Web Surfs!
Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Otters and Butterflies Go to the pages for 'Otters" and "Butterflies'. When you move your cursors around, flocks of same follow it. Yep, cheap web effect - but I found it strangely soothing..

Dolmens in the Netherlands

Borobudur - site devoted to the great Javanese Buddhist temple..

Bornholm Island - a quirky personal site, but I learned stuff I never knew about this tiny island in the Baltic Sea..

Valley of the Shadow - superb internet 'project' from Virginia, tracing two communities- one northern, one southern- before ,during and after the Civil War.

Virtual Pet Cemetary - moving site, for animal lovers. The rest of you will probably laugh..

Zompist Phrasebook - useful phrases for unashamedly 'ugly Americans'! Love this one! Another set of languages (including Dutch) here..

Votre pays a une saleté vraiment charmante.
-courtesy of the Zompists!

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