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Thursday, April 08, 2004

As longstanding visitors here will know, my 'link blogging' began when I copied the idea from my friend Maarten. His blogs, "Me and the Web" -in English - and "Spinneweb" - in Dutch - were a treasure trove of links emanating from his many interests and diligent searching. Though now dormant, they are tremendous archives of links, and if you haven't visited them, you should!

Well, Maarten is a man of many hobbies, passions and interests, and he has , at least for now, abandoned the blog mode. He oversees a world empire of agave interests - see here - ,and also lectures adoring American housewives on how to cook like a European in various forums. He has inspired many to eat parts of a pig they normally wouldn't even THINK about..

And he still finds time to send me a few links daily, to use if and when I wish. I've let them build up, so I figure it's time to unleash them on you! Be warned, some of them might be considered 'R' rated, though all are in good fun..

Your Death Date - with a twist..

Shi*tty Advice

Office Stress Relief


The Mystery of Britney's Breasts

Bush Shootout Game

Perverted Justice - controversial semi-vigilante site, of folks who seek out and expose predators on the net..

AOL's paternalistic anti-spam strategy

Bush - read my lips.. and United We Dance

More Flash Stuff

Nasal News

Dove switches to Real Women!

Kid's Games

Thanks, Maarten! Keep 'em coming!

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