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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

After a couple of days of death, doom and disaster, I've begun to even depress myself! So, as promised, here's a night devoted to laughs! (OK, even some of my laughs are of the sicko variety, but I'm doing my best..)

A Site Whose Name I Can't Print! (..but good Flash humor..)

Terrible Puns

And More of Them!

OK, you literary types, can you tell the difference between Faulkner's prose and machine generated translations of German? Find out here..

Name That Porno!

The most sacriligious site I've ever encountered - I don't approve, but I don't censor either..you might like it..

Prison Bitch Name Generator


Manbottle Database of Arcane Stories and Bad Humor ..or something like that..

Tits or Eyes?

Lunch Clock

Dogs in Cars

Dirty Sounding Names - great resource for 10 year olds! Or my old drinking buddies...

Balls! (No not THOSE - just BALLS!) In German or English.

Twisted Mindz - home of the original, interactive Gay Duck game!

Scary Russian Flash Movies ..somehow, not knowing what they're saying makes 'em worse!

The first man to use abusive language instead of his fists was the founder of civilization.
Sigmund Freud

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