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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

One of the greatest things about the Web is the ease with which it allows us to sample and access works of art from every age, culture and media. And some of the folks dedicated to making that access possible have developed some truly outstanding sites. Here's just a brief sample of some recent finds..

If you're looking for the Masters, I can recommend no starting point more highly than Artcyclopedia

The Hudson River School of painters are favorites of mine - possibly due to the great amount of works of these Americans in museums within my reach. However, they also were among the first American painters to look not to European models, but rather to the sublimity of the American landscape for inspiration..

World Art Treasures from the Berger Foundation..

Ancient Art Images

Very well categorized site of Ancient Art

Han's Zimmerman's Site - actually, a huge, linked assortment of sites, in German as well. But so much is visual that one can navigate it quite easily even ohne deutsch

And while we're nearby, how about nude artists (er, the art, not the painters. I think.) from the Benelux nations?

Science Fiction Art

Links to Native American Art Online - so much here, you can choose your own to examine! Canadian native peoples especially well represented..

Great Album Cover Artists site devoted to the best in the field..

Psychedelic Album Covers from the '60's - many obscure ones here..

Imperial Russian Porcelain Easter Eggs - sound weird? Maybe, but they're very beautiful and rare..

OK, and for you computer nerds who've patiently made it this far, ASCII Art!

Art happens. No hovel is safe from it, no prince can depend on it, the vastest intelligence cannot bring it about.
James Whistler

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