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Monday, April 12, 2004

There are few more fascinating subjects than the history of how we have dealt with our messy, oozing, mortal and recalcitrant bodies. Every culture has had to develop, alongside their ethereal theories about the meaning and poetry of life, strategies to deal with broken heads, leaky plumbing and bad digestion. Let's take a look back..

Prehistoric Trephination

More on Trephination

Ancient Egypt has left a wealth of material on medical practices..

More here..

A 3500 year old amputation

Menstruation and other Women's Medical Concerns in Ancient Egypt

The Edwin Smith Papyrus - complete, online. Oldest medical text extant!

Medicine in Ancient Mesopatamia and Iran

Ancient Indian Plastic Surgery

Decircumcision- Ancient techniques; Schultheiss article; Hodges Article

Disease Archaeology

..and finally, although not really ancient, I need to post this somewhere: the evolution of the toothbrush (from a mechanical engineering perspective!)

Medicine can only cure curable diseases, and then not always.
Chinese Proverb

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