Extreme Web Surfs!
Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Some weird sites , Some PBase galleries...

Chickenhead - all kinds of time wasting amusements!

License Plates of the World - pretty complete site..

Musical Potty - the last word in toilet training..

Name that Candy Bar - How many can YOU identify, from a cross section?

Hidden Files in Microsoft Operating Systems - where they are, what's in them, how to remove the info therein being secretly compiled from your websurfing etc..

Add your piece to Blograffiti

The Oddballs - Naked Balloon Tossers- continuing the saga of Britain's fascination with nude male burlesque..:)


Shilin - Yunnan Stone Forest - check out other galleries here too; beautiful documentation of landscapes unknown to most in the West..

Waterfalls of Wales

Exotic Fish


Conscience is the inner voice that warns us somebody may be looking.

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