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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Well, since I was mentioned by Maarten in the 'Dailyrecipes' group as a possible source for recipes from the Great Depression, I got started on a search. However, that's a rather difficult topic, and I'll need more time to delve into it. Meanwhile, I got really bummed out by ending up at all those sites about 'depression'...thanks, Maarten!

But, as usually happens, just getting started on any search leads me to some sites of interest, so I'll share a few food related links I found. If you are visiting from the recipe group, welcome, and I hope you find something to make your visit worthwhile!

Aunt Runner's Recipes - nice site, which also includes a 'lost recipe message board' wherein you can request help in locating the same..

A Few Recipes from the 1930's

Southern Foodways - good site, with oral history sections on old time Southern cooking..

Huge Onion Site

Cottage Pudding Recipe

Luxembourg Cuisine

West African Gastronomy

The Vegemite Site (well, I've done Marmite, figure I need to give the Aussies equal time..)

Tanzanian Recipes

Ghosts and Such

Ether Scribe

Hollow Hill

Weird and Spooky Places

Civil War Ghosts

More Ghosts!

The Bell Witch - site devoted to this Tennesee legend

The Open Vault


And my favorite, Grave Addiction, which is a nice photo record of an afficionado's journeys to cemetaries, haunted places, and other morbid destinations..


Statehouse Girls - portal which has links to all kinds of info about each of the 50 states..

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