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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Some History

More History

Guitar by Guitar..

The Rickenbacker Company Takes All the Credit Here

Guitar Player Magazine

Jazz Guitar Magazine - 'Hotlist' section has great categorized links..

Danny Gatton - 'Master of the Telecaster'

Terje Rypdal - this site, put together by a fan of the Norwegian guitarist, is one of the best and most complete tribute sites I've ever come across!


Tristan da Cunha - the story of this most isolated island..

Palmyra Island - can an entire island be haunted?

Geo Images - a superb resource site, topically grouped images for use in teaching geography - or just browsing!

Egyptian Recipes - nice site, many tasty ones!

An insane resume..

"If you want to challenge the system, don't go to bed with it."
Ani DiFranco

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