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Saturday, March 06, 2004

I've had an interest in the Khmer culture for some time; my church shares a building and several programs with a Cambodian church, and I've made a few friends who escaped the 'Killing Fields' , often losing their whole families first. It is a miracle, with what these folks went through, that they even have their sanity left..

Beauty and Darkness - recent Cambodian history

Pol Pot - Time magazine photo essay

Maoist Apologia for Pol Pot

Khmer Writing (& links to other Khmer language info..)

The Khmer Institute

The Khmer Network site ( in French)

Buddhism in Cambodia - tightly connected with national identity; see Angkor Wat

However, there are also Christian Churches as well; the Cambodian Evangelical Church is associated with my denomination, and I have had the privilege of meeting the District Superintendant , Mr. Nareth May

Khmer Neutral Party - website of this reformist political party

Cambodian Dance - the most prized national art form..

Cambodian Food - very tasty from what I've tried - especially the omnipresent Spring Rolls. For every function, the women make literally hundreds of these..smaller than Chinese, and crispy..a morsel of pleasure..

PBase Gallery

Death is better, a milder fate than tyranny.

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