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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Having the illustrious surname of 'Maguire' , I've always been interested in this secret society, an early and violent chapter in the struggle for labor rights in America. They were ultimately destroyed by James Pinkerton, in an investigation and trial which remain controversial to this day.. here are some points of view:

A Popular Ballad

Article from 'The Coalcracker'

The Pinkerton perspective

Paper from a Providence College student (Providence College, a small Dominican institution near me, has for the last 30 years maintained excellent scholarship in the field of American immigrant history..)

Brief Spartacus View

The Movie (with Sean Connery and Richard Harris)

The Mollies Are Coming! (good site leftover from last year's commemoration - some links are now dead, but others quite valuable)

Excerpts from the trials

Finally, the Handprint ..an eerie momento...


Winter in Scandinavia

Winter in Bay of Fundy

Jazz in Basel


Tom Jones Spirituality (yep, the Welsh singer inspires this preacher..)

Giants of Genesis 6 (actually, apart from the validity of his theories, this site offers a fascinating survey of giants in world folklore)

Hell - these folks don't want you to go there, but they seem to love their subject matter a BIT too much. Love the midi..

'Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate.'

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