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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

An unseasonably delightful day today, 40 degrees (F) , got me thinking about the great outdoors... here's a few links for fellow armchair trekkers..

Webwalking - nice megasite, devoted to the pastime..

The Appalachian Trail - a site devoted to this great hike, which goes from Mt. Katahdin in Maine down to Stone Mountain, Georgia, traversing some of the most spectacular scenary in the eastern USA..

Great Walks in Queensland, Australia

Get your Irish Mountains sorted..

Hike Patagonia..

..but be darn careful in Angola!

And for the truly adventurous, trek in SE Asia..


As I've read other folks' blogs, in which they movingly and with eloquence share their lives, their deepest hopes, struggles, ambitions and perceptions, I began to wonder if I'm 'hiding' behind these links here. If I have a pathological reluctance to 'let people in' , to share of myself in any meaningful way. Then today, I visited a high quality blog in which the blogger shared - at length, with gusto, and in intimate, loving, graphic detail - his ongoing experiences with a 'bug' which seems to have settled in his gastro-intestinal tract.

With a renewed sense of purpose, I remain who I am. Be grateful!


Andy Sheng is one of the best photographers of nature with galleries in PBase. Here, he finds amazing beauty in simple snow and ice patterns.

Also, beautiful photos of Salzburg by Ivy Cablayan..

Hartsdale Pet Cemetery - when Fido deserves the VERY best..

Bombshells.com - devoted to the classic Hollywood actresses who had style as well as nice breasts..

And while in Hollywood, let's stop by a great tribute to Bogart..

"You're not a star until they can spell your name in Karachi."
Humphrey Bogart

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