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Monday, February 23, 2004

Australian Rainforest Varieties

Australian Giants - photos

Save the Titicaca Giants

Namibian Giant Bullfrog Cuisine


..some nice finds here tonight..

Ed Stephen, a professor from the state of Washington, has put together a lot of nice webpages. I'm going to put a few favorites here, but recommend you click on the 'home button' on any of them, to explore his other efforts..

Tarzan of the Internet - exhaustive study of everywhere he lurks!

Animations - sex ratios , relativity

These next two are not Ed's, but were found in his links: Animated Knot Tyeing Lessons - great!

and..Los Angeles County Museum of Art Thanks, Ed!

Philosophy in Cyberspace - an interesting project, polyglot (I saw English and Dutch/Flemish stuff..)

Development of Modern Europe - great historical atlas pages showing emergence of modern nation states

Yale Map Collection Online - nice historic maps..

Historic Towns of the Low Countries - good travel writing..

Web Gallery of Art - I'm not sure if I've linked here before, but if you have any interest in European painting at all, you need to have this one bookmarked!

'A theory may be so rich in descriptive possibilities that it can be made to fit any data.'
Phillip Johnson-Laird

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