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Saturday, February 28, 2004

While I don't make any claims to being a practitioner of the art myself, I really enjoy good photography. You most often see that reflected here when I post links to Pbase galleries. Occasionally, though, I like to cast a wider net, and seek out websites created by or devoted to individual photographers of note. Here's some I've found recently..

Two giants of Latin American Photography: Robert Gerstmann (born in Austria, moved to Chile..) and the Peruvian, Martin Chambi; 2nd Chambi site here..

A site celebrating contemporary Colombian Photography

Ivan Barta , Czech photographer, specializing in poignant images of orphans and the like..

Boogie's site

A Day in Our Life

Herman Krieger - skillful, humerous photo essays. However, in my opinion, his use of his photo site as a platform for his evident hostility towards Christianity detracts from their impact..

Wright's World - Bill Wright is a rare bird - a good documentary photographer, who not out of naivete, but as a concious choice, prefers to focus on positive and affirming aspects of humanity, even in the most difficult situations..

Note Added on 2/29/04 If you check the comment section below, you will see that Herman Krieger took me to task a bit for my comment on his view of Christianity. Upon reflection, and another visit to his site, I realize that it was unfounded. In fact, it boils down to that I had just seen "The Passion of the Christ" a few hours previous, and his negative take on the movie, which I found moving, ccaused me to unfairly judge the tone of his site. So Herman, I apologize, and I urge you to visit his site unswayed by my own prejudices. I DID put it here because it's good!

Vir prudens non contra ventum mingit.

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