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Friday, January 02, 2004

I like animals. All kinds. But I live in an urban area, so there's a few species I see a lot more of than others. Here's a little tribute to those species which share our space with us. We choose our pets - these critters, for inscrutable reasons of their own, chose to hang with us!

I'm giving place of honor to squirrels , mainly because I enjoy their antics, and especially their attitude. They seem equally at home in the North Maine Woods or scampering up a single lonely tree in Manhattan! Some folks, however, apparently don't share my fondness for them , as this site demonstates..

Feral Cats are interesting, in that they have reverted from their "pet" status back into a wilder state. It seems they have many admirers and advocates on the web. Here are two sites devoted to them: 21 Cats , and Feral Cat.com
Here's a blog devoted to them, with all kinds of news and info links..

Birds, of course, abound in cities. particularly pigeons, but other dpecies as well. More about 'em here..

A truly nice site, all about the wildlife of New York City

Of course, we can't forget the hardiest urbanite of all, the Roach!

Or, maybe you just want to play a few roach games..


These three chaps, to one degree or another, have become synonymous with evil; which means, of course, they are hugely recognized on the Net!

Gilles de Rais

Crime Library Bio

Heresie.com presentation (in French, but nice Flash, etc..)

German site

"Banned Lecture" by Crowley..

"Fierce Essay" (offensive title, beware..)

First English translation of 1959 radio play by Blaise Cendrars

Marquis de Sade

Exhaustive site, in French ; Another French Site

Neil Schaeffer on de Sade

Pop Subculture Bioproject

His castle (one of 'em)

Lautreamont (Isidore Ducasse)

The least well known of the three, Lautreamont was solely a writer, not a doer (mercifully). However, his influence was huge in surrealist and decadent circles, and he is perhaps the seminal figure (with de Sade) in the "literature of transgession".

Little Blue Light Bio

French site, links to various versions of Les Chants de Maldoror

Global Dream Network - interesting concept, tells you who else you'll like, if you like him..


Found a few sites which examine from various points of view "liberal" tendencies and movements in Islam. I am in no way qualified to say what percentage of the Muslim world such viewpoints represent. I just found them interesting, as the media focus has been either on Islamic Fundamentalism, or vague general assertions that most Musims AREN'T radicals, without saying what they ARE..

Secular Islam

Rethinking Within Islam

Tolerance and Islam (nice exchange of views in Boston Review)

What is 'Progressive Islam'?

"Life is a foreign language: all men mispronounce it."

Christopher Morley

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