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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

This ingenius system of tunnels, used so effectively by the Viet Cong, was the setting for some of most brutal, 'up close and personal", indeed claustrophobic fighting of the Vietnam War.

"Tunnel Rats" was the name given to the soldiers assigned to American soldiers assigned to such operations..

Australians participated heroically..

A very different Australian site tells the story from the other side. Most notable for its shrill anti-American polemic, this site pissed me off. Seems to me a whole bunch of 'boat people' resettled in Australia - does this guy ever wonder why the migration wasn't in the other direction?

Decent (surprisingly) BBC feature..

The tunnels as tourist attraction

a visit

And one more..


Oh, those awful Puddytats!

As I slowly work my way through the great cemeteries of the world, I can't neglect New Orleans!

Lafitte Cemetery

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