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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

One of THE great railway journeys, a lure to travelers worldwide, 'armchair' and actual..

Most complete overall site, Russian and German versions also available..

Geographia pages

Smaller but well done site..

Some travelogues and photo galleries: Dutch traveler ,

Finnish traveler , very good photos, and detailed journal , short travelogue


Ibn Khaldun on the web - this 14th century Arab was one of the greatest historians - and philosophers of history - of all time..

Procopius Online - read the classic texts of Byzantine history and palace intrigue, including the Secret History ; Theodora was quite a character!


What is a Print?(online exhibit from MOMA - 'Museum of Modern Art')

Explore North! great site devoted to Arctic matters..

The Chung Collection. Dr. Chung in 1990 donated to the University of british Columbia a HUGE collection of documents and artifacts of all types. A tremendous leagcy for historians; he particularly focused on a few themes, such as the Canadian Pacific railway, and the experience of the Chinese in Canada..

And finally, one site devoted to Mysterious People..

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