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Saturday, January 31, 2004

One of the great 'villains' of history, this fanatical Inquisitor perfected techniques adopted by modern totalitarian states..


From the Catholic Encyclopedia (portrays him in a much nicer light!)

Heresie.com page (in French, nice graphics)

The Age of Torquemada by J.E. Longhurst (full text online)

A Bizarre Rant, somehow involving Torquemada

An Interview with Torquemada after his death. Not tongue in cheek, courtesy of the Mercians, who expect it believed..

And finally, a crossword puzzle so difficult that it has survived for decades as a legacy of the fiendish puzzle designer who went by the name 'Torquemada'


Two PBase Galleries: Faroe Islands, and Food

Cat of the Day . I truly admire this effort, I'm sure many felines have been delighted to be featured!

National Library of the Netherlands - online museum, illuminated medieval manuscripts especially nice..

And if you're just in the mood to click one fun link today, it should probably be this one: Crazy Fads. Covered by decades, it's a very nucely done site, and full of interest and even nostalgia for many of us..

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