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Sunday, January 25, 2004

The story of stained glass is a fascinating one, mixing as it does elements of art, science and technology, religious fervor, and skilled workmanship. The following links should be illuminating..

American Stained Glass Association - history page ; well written overview..

Another nice history page..

Lamb Studios - history page from this American firm; also a sample gallery of their work over the years..

Finally, an excellent page, which links to web resources on the techniques in stained glass production, as they evolved historically..


The History Guy - what he covers, he covers well..

Great American Speeches, archived - fabulous resource..


An American (especially Southern) culinary form that has become an obsession with some! And, when done right, the finger lickin' results explain why,,

Barbecue - a Southern Cultural Icon

California Barbecue Association superb site, recipes and more. See "Barbecue101" here for the basics..

Fiery Foods Site - more than just barbecue here, plenty of pepper stuff, etc. But I found it looking for sauces, and it seemed to fit in - after all, one must baste!


Well, I've been over quite a few of these: New Hampshire Covered Bridges

Perhaps the most famous ones since the book and movie are these: Bridges of Madison County Now, if Brent would just catch the firebug who's been torching them, there might be some left for me to visit some day!

And, a general Historic Bridge Site..

'I am sitting in the smallest room of my house. I have your review before me. In a moment, it will be behind me.'
Max Reger (German composer - famous response to a negative review of his music..)

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