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Monday, January 19, 2004

If Monday represents a 'lowpoint' in your week, as it does mine, join me in gazing at the heights!

Guess we should start at the top - here's a nice PBS site for "Lost on Everest"

Close by, and considered a tougher climb by far, is K2

Aconcagua , in the Andes..

Matterhorn Railway and Webcam

Kilimanjaro , and a nice site devoted to it's ascent by a group of visually impaired students..

Mount Fuji also has a webcam..

Mt. Kosciusko - well mateys, you have some very impressive natural phenomena down there in Oz, but I have to say, your highest mountain isn't one of them! Could be worse, though. You could be Dutch..

Mount Washington - highest mountain in the NE United States - a few hours from me. Not huge by Alpine standards, but a nice hike. And noted for VERY extreme weather..every year, several people underestimate this and pay the ultimate price..

A Colorado Mountain Climber . Boulder, where I lived for a spell, has a place in the history of mountain climbing..

A Serious German Mountain Climber's site , and an equally serious Norwegian's.. Both well done, multilingual sites, with many good pages and links..


Ukrainian Socialist Realism

Polish Socialist Realism Museum - Hey, you know all those statues that got toppled when the Iron Curtain ripped? Well, you'll be glad to know the Polish ones, at least, found a new home..

Marxist Pages on Socialist Realism

Werner Horvath is an Austrian artist, a tremendously gifted exponent of New Constructivism, who has also led in the development of a fabulous online Museum of Political Art


Maarten seemed to have an issue with Fried Shrimp today, so I found 2 nice recipes for him:

The Recipe Box

Hugs Online

Don't try this one, though..

And, while looking for them, I found a superb menu, linking to pictures..

Last but not least, nice Pbase gallery of Bavaria

'For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of life, please press three.'

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