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Monday, January 12, 2004

Though this episode pales in comparison with the wholesale slaughter of the European Witch Hunts, it exerts a powerful hold on the American imagination, perhaps because of its uniqueness.

Salem, MA , is a quaint seaside town to the north of Boston. It's most significant role in Colonial America was as an important maritime center. Today, however, the Witch Museum is it's most popular tourist attraction.

National Geographic has put together an outstanding Interactive Site on the Salem Witch Hysteria

Two great portals to all kinds of resources are here and here

Cotton Mather was the Puritan preacher most responsible for giving a theological framework to the belief that there was a witch problem in Massachusetts. Here's a site from an admiring Calvinist..

Many theories - Freudian, Feminist, Marxist, etc., have had their turn in academic circles as explanation. But here's a more unusual theory, ergotism.....

Good site, focusing on women..

Paper about the witch trials as setting for Arthur Miller's 'cold war era' play, The Crucible


I was reflecting today how easily I can become obsessed with "statistics" concerning my blog. My spirits can sink with my hit count, if I buy into this. I've begun to realize that it is not that important whether 20 or 200 people visit here on a given day; what is important is that I have fun, and that maybe a few people enjoy the contents enough to come back frequently. I've been privileged to make a few "blogging friends" already, and have had the chance to enjoy THEIR efforts as well. Obviously, I've no great claim to originality, but if I can be a sort of conduit for some folks to find information that helps them, makes them think, or even just makes them laugh, it's worth it!

That being said, if you can't steal ideas from your FRIENDS, well, who CAN you steal them from? So, thanks Brent, for THIS idea:


Being a person who loves classic and cult movies, I find it interesting to peruse other people's lists of favorites..

Larry has a nice site; how many of HIS top 100 make YOUR list?

Ardabros also has strong, and mostly on-target opinions!

Finally, those of you with small children around might find this two year old movie critic's take on Disney films helpful..


If you'd rather find your amusement and art free on the web, I reccomend these sites for cool online video:

Olga Mink - Dutch Artist's video work

Radio Free World - this site has SO MUCH! But, the video section is not to be missed..

Topsy Turvy - Blue Collar Experimental Video Art from Buffalo

640480 - video art from University of Toronto

Nice French Video Art

In Paris they simply stared when I spoke to them in French; I never did succeed in making those idiots understand their language.Mark Twain

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