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Saturday, January 17, 2004

As regulars here know, I usually post a link to a photo album or two here daily, generally from Pbase ,as overall they attract the best amateur photographers on the web. Every now and then, though, I like to look further afield, and find some more varied photo efforts. The following are mostly photo sites documenting journeys, or places that would be an interesting destination for one, many quite well done. Some include some travel writing as well, and some link up to other albums if you explore. Have a nice trip!

Death Valley

Ladakh & Kashmir

Kutaisi, Georgia (the nation, not the state!)

K-Funk - an excellent Japanese photographer, many galleries, from Japan and Europe as well..

A Traveling Dane

A Traveling Canadian

Biking and Canoeing in Russia

New Zealand Trip

Through Spain on Motorcycle

Beautiful SE Asian Underwater Explorations

PBase gallery of Macau

And finally, Digimages ; this site didn't really fit, but it's too nice to leave out. A French site devoted to superb nature photography. Took me awhile to navigate to the pics, but it was worth it!


The web is full of sites 'documenting' the supernatural - and also of sites which deny these claims. Here's some of each.

Shadowlands is a huge, multifaceted site on many aspects of the paranormal. Their index of haunted places is quite nice..

Winter Steel is another megasite, as is Unexplained Mysteries..

Haunted New Jersey (hmm, last time I drove through, I DO recall swamps with mysterious fires burning, and ghastly smells..)

Haunted Fort Lauderdale

Haunted Kansas

Haunts Around Memphis (some excellent, eerie photography here..)

Haunted Children - this person has the disturbing belief that children are better able to relate to spirits, so has compiled a site where their experiences can be shared.. (typical Tripod popup minefield here, though..)

Nice Forum to discuss the paranormal in

OK, now a few of the skeptic sites:

American Association for Critical Scientific Investigations into Claimed Hauntings (hmm, I think they were possessed when they came up with that name!)

CSICOP ( just the acronym, my fingers are tired after the last one..)

Canadian Skeptics

North Texas Skeptics (surprisingly good site, with extensive archives)

And, to conclude, the Nguoi Rung, Vietnamese Wild People..


Classic Cameras (in English or Japanese)

WWI Aviation

Croatian Archaelogical Museum

Croatian Museum of Contemporary Art

And finally, two sites that are a sort of addenda to yesterday's medieval weapon post. This Ninja and Samurai Training site has some Japanese weapon pages, and Ancient Edge is a commercial site, which however provides a great pictorial history of the sword..

'Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius. '

Arthur Conan Doyle

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