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Saturday, January 03, 2004

Well, it's a relaxing Saturday afternoon for me; instead of cranking up old Westerns on TV , thought I'd present some real Old West stuff here..

Black Bart - courtesy of the UK, despite their feelings about guns today...

Of course, Billy the Kid

John Wesley Hardin - some say, the very best. Too bad he lived into middle age, became a drunk, and still had a knack for ticking people off..

Doc Holliday

The Clanton Gang , interesting site, run by descendents of the side of the "Gunfight at the OK Corral" whose perspective is generally ignored..

The James-Younger Gang ; good history resource here, as this gang began as desperadoes during the American Civil War..

Kansas Gunfighters, and more..

PBase Galleries

Phyllis Stewart is another person consistently putting up excellent galleries at PBase. As well as various Photoshop experiments, she has galleries on kids, critters, nature, and antiques..

Nate Bergun is a college student who has begun making comic strips about his life, and posting them in Pbase. He is actually very good, I had a few laughs there myself..


Here's some links to sites on ones I know about; I'm quite interested in this topic, so if you know of any others, particularly in Asia, Africa or South America , I'd be obliged if you'd pass that info along in the comments thing below!

California Gold Rush (PBS site)

More on California God Rush; Women in California Gold Rush

The North Georgia Gold Rush (America's First)

Klondike (Alaska and Yukon) Gold Rush

Alaska Gold Rush Pictures

Pike's Peak (Colorado) Gold Rush

Australian Gold Rush

More on Australia Gold Rush ; still more..

I could only find one article on South Africa...


..with a title like this: Intellectual Whores.Com , I had to post it..

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