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Sunday, January 04, 2004

..some very good, some good and weird....

The Banana Museum

The British Lawnmower Museum

The Museum of Coat Hangers

OK, now for a few serious ones..

Museum of WWI Art a cooperative effort between museums in several European nations, commemorating the 80th anniversary of Armistice Day...

Authentic History a virtual museum which incorporates images and sounds from American pop culture over many decades to explore racial and ethnic stereotypes, and other issues..

Bug Bios insects galore!

Maarten's firearm post today inspired, in turn, this one: Jim Davis Museum

Cold War Museum

Synthesizer Museum ok, seems like a narrow subject, but it's amazingly well covered. The evolution of these instruments over the course of 40 years is a fascinating progression..

The 1909-1915 American Congo Expedition


The Big Myth site (in English or Dutch) using multimedia to explore creation myths of cultures around the world..

Cyber Newseum

OK, enough serious, back to the ridiculous!

Weird Fortune Cookie Fortunes Museum

Toilet Museum

Really Exhaustive Toilet Site...

Toilet Seat Art Museum..

..and before you visit those three, perhaps you should stock up here first..

And guys, if you can't get in the bathroom at all, might have something to do with this..

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
Oscar Wilde

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