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Friday, January 16, 2004

There's SO much out there on this subject! Here's a few links for now, might return to this one from another angle soon..

Ancient and Medieval Weapons

Medieval Swords Virtual Museum

The Knight's Armoury

Nice PBS Site on Medieval Warfare

Net Sword - enter a huge online community, with many branches, for devotees of these weapons..

And, if you get your own, might want to join this kingdom, to try it out..

Site for great Danish Museum (also in Danish and German)


I've just started to hear the term "meme" bandied about recently. Seems it means "self replicating small cultural unit". Or, as the performance artist Laurie Anderson might say, "Language is a Virus".

In any case, delving into this world of cybergeeks was sort of frightening for one with any sensitivity whatsoever. The implications of these ideas, offshoots of the world of sociobiology, could make Nazi eugenics look like child's play. These guys remind me of super nerdy kids, who were never loved, just picked on, and now are perfecting their idea bomb to blow up a world of humanity they never felt part of. They say things like, "we'll never die, because we're not alive."

Kind of like to perform my own experiment, "oh, you're not feeling pain, that's just an inconvenient meme you've inherited telling you that.."

Interesting stuff, though. Decide for yourself, as always here..

TransHuman Alliance

More Trans Human

Church of the Virus

Electric Meme

Thought Contagion


FBI Files - interesting site, hosted by people trying to sell you "Net Detective" , which provides .pdf copies of the FBI files on many celebrities, crimes and events, released under the Freedom of Information Act..

Nice PBase Cemetery Gallery

American Composer's Alliance - listen to samples of many works from contemporary composers..

'Is it progress if a cannibal uses a knife and fork?'

Stanislaw Lem

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