Extreme Web Surfs!
Sunday, January 04, 2004

TorisuKoshiru nice Japanese-Parisian pop art site, with all kinds of cool links, visuals. One of the best I've found so far is Mumbleboys Animation. Art has a future, and it's in cyberspace..

A Taiwanese in NY - attractive site (by attractive woman) which covers equally things Chinese and things NY..

This worthwhile site allows you to "goo" a variety of celebrities! No, not like THAT, you perverts..sheesh..

On title alone, Kittens in Underpants deserves a visit. All about pop culture and the like. Good page here on folie a deux, or those lovable "killer couples"..

Which segues nicely into Murder in the UK...

Musée national des Arts asiatiques in Paris maintains a decent site..

Did you know that Bengali Cows don't 'moo', they "hamba!"? Find out what the languages of the world use for animal sounds!

Always wanted to be a sheperd? Hmmm, now why IS that..? Don't want to answer? Well, you can be one anyway, here..

Finally, a game for my Dutch friends here. Looks like fun. If you are not Dutch, and you can figure out the rules, quadruple your score!

In lieu of a witty or profound quatation, I'm going to refill my cup of steaming black coffee! Enjoy, back later!

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